Best of Native Advertising Platforms * 2023

Native Advertising Platforms

Advertising is the best way to start a digital marketing campaign for better sales opportunities in 2023. By advertising products, you can reach more customers. Your brand will be better known when you carry out campaigns by advertising on native advertising platforms.

In this post, we tell you the best options for native advertising platforms right now. But first, you should know about native advertising.

The following is an explanation of native advertising:

WHAT IS Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a type of paid promotion in which the ads mimic the appearance, feel, and functionality of the media format in which they are presented. They blended in and looked "native" on the website.

Native ads don't really look like ads, unlike banner or display ads, so they don't interfere with how users interact with the page. The key to a definition of native advertising is that it exposes the reader to promotional content without standing out.

What are Native Ads?

Native ads frequently serve as suggested reading on websites, showing up beneath or next to the article you just read. On social networks like Facebook or Twitter, they also show up as "in feed" advertisements that are a part of your news feed. Search and promoted listings that show up at the top of your Google search results or in the sidebar are another format in which native ads can be found.

  • In-Feed Ads: Advertisements that show up in your social network news feed (ie.your Facebook or Twitter feed).
  • Featured Listings and Search: Advertisements that are displayed at the top of your Google search results or in the sidebar.
  • Suggestions for Content: Below the article you just read are some suggestions for reading.

What Are the Signs of Native Advertising?

Because native ads don't look like ads, you might assume that they are difficult to identify. Readers might not even be aware that they are taking in a paid advertisement, which could jeopardize the publisher's commitment to editorial objectivity.

Do not worry; consumer protection organizations are working hard to regulate the use of native ads to ensure that consumers are not deceived, including the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

Ways to Make Native Ads

A headline, thumbnail image, content URL, description text, and other metadata components are used to build native ads.

That may sound challenging, but as long as you are clear on the target market, message, and campaign goal, creating native ads is not difficult.

The Best Native Advertising Platform

This is a list of the best native advertising platforms in 2023 that you may want to try for your digital advertising campaigns:

1. OutBrain

The Leading Recommendation Platform for the Open Web - Promote your Brand on Media Websites.

By using Outbrain recommendations, you can expand your customer base and improve your online presence.

One-third of global consumers who access content on the open web can be reached by brands and agencies with the aid of Outbrain.

The Best Advertising Experiences Are Native:

The Smartads Gallery

With Smartads, ads powered by interest targeting that mimic the appearance and feel of premium publisher pages, you can develop your brand, expand your audience, and attract new clients on the open internet.

  • Standard Smartads: Promote your business with Outbrain's classic native ads.
  • Carousel Smartads: Utilize interactive Carousel advertisements to highlight your goods and services.
  • App Install Smartads: Encourage more high LTV users to install your app.
  • Clip Smartads: Utilize animated ad experiences to boost performance.
  • Click-to-Watch Smartads: Increase brand awareness by using high-quality click-to-watch video ads.
  • Outstream Smartads: At the right time, increase brand recognition and video views.
  • Spotlight Smartads: Promote your brand to increase audience consideration and engagement.

Begin purchasing, your way

Select whether you want to make a programmatic or direct purchase from Outbrain Amplify.

Purchase using Outbrain Amplify - Boost customer engagement with Outbrain's sophisticated targeting:

  • Conversion Bid Technique: Your bids should be automatically optimized for your campaign's conversion, CPA, or ROAS goals.
  • Lookalikes: Reach out to new audiences that resemble your best existing clients.
  • Interest Specification: Promote to people what they are actually interested in.
  • RetargetingReduce your CPA by focusing on previous visitors to your website.
  • Targeting by First-Party and Third-Party: To connect with your most pertinent audience, use both first-party and third-party data.

2. Taboola

The second best native advertising platform is taboola. With taboola you can reach AUDIENCE ON TOP SITES.

Customers find your advertisements on the most popular websites in the world and are eager to interact with you.

  • YOUR BRAND ON RESPECTED EDITORIAL WEBSITES: With the brand-safe Taboola High Impact solution, spread your message in public places.
  • TRAFFIC and INTERESTING CONSUMER ACTIONS: By using precise targeting and retargeting, you can attract quality customers at scale and nurture them throughout the buying process.
  • GROWING YOUR BUSINESS WITH LEADS and CONVERSIONS: Increase sales by utilizing a platform that prioritizes performance and offers features like traffic management and automated bidding.

3. Google Ads

The third best native advertising platform is Google Ads. If you're looking for a native advertising agency with state-of-the-art technology, Google Ads could be your best bet right now.

  • Using Google Ads, expand your business: Take advantage of customers looking for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps to get in front of them. Pay only for outcomes, such as calls to your company's phone number or website clicks.
  • Display yourself when people look for what you have to offer: People look up activities, destinations, and products on Google. When someone searches for similar goods or services, your ad may show up on Google. A well-timed advertisement can convert people into valuable customers whether they are on desktop or mobile.

Obtain the outcomes you are looking for

  • DRIVE VISITS TO WEBSITES: Increase online transactions, reservations, or mailing list registrations by using online ads that point users to your website.
  • AMPLIFY YOUR PHONE CALLS: Advertisements that include your phone number and a call now button will increase customer calls.
  • IMPROVE SHOP VISITS: Use business advertisements that make it easier for people to locate your company on a map to bring in more clients.
  • Create a spending plan that works for your company: You have control over your advertising budget with Google ads. Decide on a monthly spending limit and stick to it. You can also modify or pause your spending at any time.

    4. RevContent

    PUBLISH ADS ON TODAY'S MOST REPUTABLE WEBSITES: People use trusted brands when conducting business. Drive quality traffic and engage them where it counts most with native advertising that actually works.

    HIGH-END experiences. EXCELLENT RESULTS: On today's top publisher sites, generate high-value web traffic and engage the audiences that are interested in what you have to offer.

    REACH CUSTOMERS AT ANY TIME OR LOCATION: RevContent can assist you in developing thorough and engaging ad experiences that support the growth of your audience, drive performance, and promote your brand throughout the entire buyer journey.


    You are in control of your campaigns thanks to the user-friendly RevContent platform, which also connects you to the best publications of the day.

    • Automated: preserving your time.
    • Scalable: because your marketing efforts should develop alongside you.
    • Visibility: so that you can use real-time data to make decisions.
    • Quality: Consequently, you never have to deal with bots or fake traffic.

    Native advertising has been mastered by RevContent, enabling publishers and advertisers to increase their brand awareness and income.

    5. MGID

    Through top-tier, verified publishers with highly engaged traffic, MGID's native advertising platform links and weaves together audiences from around the world.

    Streamlining Native Advertising: The MGID platform seamlessly distributes your message to the right user at the right time to encourage the right engagement. It has access to over 850 million monthly users.

    Why Go Native? The Benefits To Native Advertising

    • Never bothersome: By providing pertinent content that suits a user's interests, you can prevent banner blindness.
    • Genuinely natural placements: Utilizing native ad placements, seamlessly incorporate advertisements into a user's website interactions.
    • Blend in to stand out: Instead of standing out as purely hard-sales advertising, use a subtler and indirect selling strategy.
    • Higher rates of clicks: Native advertising has a 60% higher CTR by definition.

    The Technology And Features Of MGID Will Power Your Marketing Results

    • Complete brand safety: Your brand's integrity and safety are given top priority, and the best tools available for global brand safety are provided by our internal fraud-prevention system.
    • comprehensive audience targeting: GEO, OS, browser, traffic source, and sub-IDs are as specific as they get.
    • Vast arsenal of retargeting: To encourage users who have previously expressed interest in your brand to return to it.
    • sophisticated options for optimization: Gain knowledge about native campaigns so that you can make data-based decisions about the best advertising strategies while maintaining a ROI-focused mindset.
    • 24/7 technical and account support: It has been present at every stage of our partnership from the beginning.

    Every Business Story Has A Native Ad Format: Types of MGID Widgets

    • Native Video: Utilize MGID's network of premium publishers to spread your story through a series of incredibly interesting videos.
    • Native Widgets: Native ad units that are adaptable, responsive, and customizable and that will aid in telling the story of your brand.
    • MGID Smart Widget: Gain high engagement rates by determining the ideal time to interact with users and sending them tailored messages at that time.
    • MGID In-Content Impact Widget: Deliver messaging that relates to an audience's true interests and respects their habits to increase brand trust.

    6. TripleLift

    The next native advertising platform is TripleLift. There are various ad formats available for you to use in your marketing campaigns.

    Every format and objective are supported by TripleLift for ad campaigns. Select the format and goal that will best enable you to achieve your objectives.

    TripleLift's Unique Advantage

    • Brilliant Creativity: When delivered across desktop, mobile, or CTV, Computer Vision technology enables flawless creative delivery, ensuring that no part of your advertisement is lost or cropped.
    • Created to Perform: Our staff is committed to the success of all your campaigns, from ad creation and copywriting to campaign optimization.
    • Media that Counts: Your ads are efficiently, quickly, and easily delivered on the top content available on any screen, digital channel, or format.
    • Trustworthy and open: For transparency, accessibility, and brand safety, TripleLift collaborates with the best DSPs, verification services, and protection providers.

    How come TripleLift?

    • Innovation: Future-proof technology for the advertising industry.
    • Product Variability: There are advertising formats for every goal, including native, branded content, display, and online video.
    • Sectoral Responsibilities: Consumers' privacy comes first in advertising, and advertisers benefit from fraud-proof transparency.
    • Excellent Service: Creative services that assist your advertising campaign at every stage.
    • Reliable Performance: Results that can be measured for each campaign.

    TripleLift Work With

    • Leading Brands: Join all 100 members of the AdAge 100 who use TripleLift to engage their customers more deeply.
    • The Best DSPs: Nearly all of the top DSPs in the world have been integrated to give you quick access to the most interesting advertising experiences across formats and platforms.
    • High-end Publishers: More than 54 billion times per day, TripleLift collaborates with the most exclusive websites to provide better user experiences everywhere in the world.
    • Integrating Security for Your Impressions: Have faith in the fact that their alliances with the most reputable businesses guarantee no resold impressions, the lowest industry fraud rate, and the absence of any deceptive websites.

    7. Sharethrough

    Ads That Focus on People and Perform Better: Improved ads that perform better across our direct and scaled exchange will help you reach your ROI.

    • Omniformat and Omnichannel: Exceptional scale for display, video, and native on mobile, desktop, and CTV.
    • Scalable, Direct Inventory of High Quality: one of the scaled-down and direct exchanges. centered on premium websites.
    • Improved Technology: Improved ad technology that boosts efficiency. placements that adhere to high standards of quality.

    Increased Directness and Scale Will Give You a Competitive Advantage

    Sharethrough removes the complexity of resold supply found on other exchanges by covering 78% of publisher-direct supply with 86% site-direct integrations. Reach any audience at scale on websites of the highest caliber.

    Better performing display, video, and native ads are produced

    By matching ads to the surrounding content, their TrueTemplateTM technology automatically creates a better-looking advertisement every time. With the same standard video and display creative and buying workflow they use with standard exchanges, advertisers can now significantly improve campaign performance.

    PMPs and Enhanced Inventory Packages

    Innovative, brand-safe PMPs in sharethrough packaging provide high performance year-round for any occasion:

    • Sharethrough Launches Interactive Video Captions: It's compelled to modify and broaden our offerings in order to keep up with this trend by statistics showing the expansion of the use of video advertising. Sharethrough's dedication to assisting marketers in this way is capitalized on by the launch of Dynamic Video Captions, which improves their campaigns by bringing customers and brands together.
    • Simple to Implement in Any DSP: Gaining access to Sharethrough's Enhanced Exchange is as easy as choosing "Sharethrough" as a supply source in the same way that you would for any regular banner, video, or native campaign thanks to direct integrations in all major DSPs.
    • Simple DSP Process: To purchase banners, video, and native advertising, use the same workflow in your DSP; simply choose "Sharethrough" as the supply source.
    • Improved PMPs: Advertiser bids are filtered to placements that are most likely to meet their KPIs using placement-level PMPs that were built using historical performance data.

    8. Yahoo Gemini

    Message the people who matter to you most.

    The only marketplace that combines native advertising and search in one platform is Yahoo Native. Their native solutions give you the knowledge, brand-safe premium content, and cutting-edge technologies you need to create effective advertising campaigns.

    Yahoo distinguish ourselves from other native ad networks and single-site solutions thanks to our premium owned-and-operated sites and publishing partners like ESPN, ABC News, Apple News (in some locations), and MSN. You can align your brand with pertinent content that speaks to users directly when your ads appear alongside premium content and mobile experiences. Additionally, you get to benefit from our network's enormous scale, which includes 60+ billion monthly global native impressions.

    Ad formats: To help you convey your message in an unobtrusive way, choose from a variety of ad formats:

    Image Ad

    Native image ads blend in with the look and feel of the surrounding content, such as the content stream on popular Yahoo properties, mobile apps, and independent publishers.

    Native ads increase site view-through by 3.9X and brand-related searches by 3.6X when compared to traditional display.

    According to findings from attribution studies, native ads generated 30% of incremental online conversions on average, which is more than twice as many as the next-largest tactic.

    Video Ad

    Within the content stream on Yahoo properties, apps, and third-party publishers, native video ads fit the form and function of the content around them.

    The view and completion rates of native video ads have outperformed those of the competition.

    In a recent study, native video ads increased a retail brand's brand favorability by 50% and purchase intent by 28%.

    App Install Ad

    To reach over 650M mobile users across a sizable mobile network of over 1,000 apps, including Yahoo, AOL, and top syndication partner apps, app marketing uses native image and video ads.

    When compared to the average user, app users acquired through video ads have up to 43% more sessions.

    Users were 11% more likely to use the app again even if they saw the ads but did not click through. This shows that app advertisements are successful at encouraging re-engagement.

    Carousel Ad

    Advertisers can use multiple images to provide their audience with a visual narrative by using native carousel ads. To increase user engagement, each image that users swipe through can be linked to a different landing page.

    Comparing carousel ads to single-image ads, the CTR can increase by 2 to 3 times.

    Yahoo Mail Ad

    Native Yahoo Mail ads expand the top ad, which is displayed prominently in the user's inbox, so that it can be read, saved, or forwarded just like an email.

    Click-through rates for Yahoo Mail ads have exceeded industry averages by a factor of four.

    Moments Ad

    Moments offers select advertisers an immersive premium mobile advertising experience across popular Yahoo apps like Yahoo Sports and HuffPost.

    Moments makes it simple for brands to reach and drive engagement with the right audiences at scale thanks to a 4X lift in brand awareness and sophisticated features like touchpoints and carousels.

    Interested in learning more about the Yahoo Native market or have a specific question? By completing the brief form at the following link, you'll be contacted directly by a representative.