Online Entertainment is Highly Favored by Consumers in the Asia-Pacific Region

In partnership with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), TikTok conducted a survey of consumers in Asia Pacific markets, including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, South Korea, and Japan, titled "Shoppertainment: APAC's Trillion-Dollar Opportunity."

This survey offers information to brands about the impact of technology on consumer shopping behavior, or what is known as Shoppertainment, or the need for consumers to have an enjoyable experience when selecting products or making purchases.

A sales and promotion strategy based on digital content that combines elements of entertainment and education is called shoppertainment. By using a "video-first, sound-on" format, this strategy offers brands an alluring way to transform their interactions with customers. This shoppertainment strategy has reportedly impacted brand growth by 63%, specifically in Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea, according to a TikTok and BCG survey.

"Shoppertainment seamlessly combines content, culture, and sales activities. In this way, brands can engage with customers while they shop without overtly "selling."

In order to build stronger and more lasting relationships with customers, brands can now speak to their functional and emotional needs, according to Sam Singh, vice president of global business solutions at TikTok APAC.

This study shows that consumers in the Asia Pacific region anticipate brands to put entertainment first before describing products and how to purchase them.

This encourages customers to smoothly transition from the awareness stage to the desire stage and then to the conversion stage.

Fun and entertainment: 76% of respondents say they are drawn to the video-first format, while 81% of respondents expect storytelling and educational content.

Influencer and brand collaborations that are featured on shopping TV or livestreams and have comedic undertones can produce this content.

Credible and original: According to 71% of respondents, originality is crucial for generating interest in content. With reliable reviews, transparent community conversations, and inspiring product reviews and video unboxings, brands can cultivate an authentic brand sentiment that will inspire the community.

Inspiration and enjoyment: According to 71% of respondents, brands should never pressure customers into making decisions. Brands must make sure that the content appeals to the interests and pastimes of the target audience if they want to make their customers happy or evoke pleasant memories.

Trends and community: According to 65% of respondents, they want reliable recommendations and advice about online brands. In order for users to share these chats with friends and other users, it is crucial to include the voices of community experts who are credible and trusted.