Best of Native Advertising Platforms * 2023

Advertising is the best way to start a digital marketing campaign for better sales opportunities in 2023. By advertising products, you can reach more customers. Your brand will be better known when you carry out campaigns by advertising on native advertising platforms. In this post, we tell you the best options for native advertising platforms right now. But first, you should know about native advertising. The following is an explanation of native advertising: WHAT IS Native Advertising? Native advertising is a type of paid promotion in which the ads mimic the appearance, feel, and functionality of the media format in which they are presented. They blended in and looked "native" on the website. Native ads don't really look like ads, unlike banner or display ads, so they don't interfere with how users interact with the page. The key to a definition of native advertising is that it exposes the reader to promotional content without standing out. What are Na

Benefit of Digital Tools for Business Management

In order to streamline business operations and improve management procedures, various sectors are currently developing computer solutions. For this reason specifically, having a tool like the factusol billing program is crucial to enhancing commercial performance. What benefits can you get from management software? Today's business activity and operations management are based on high-performance platforms and software, thanks to indiscriminate computer development, which enables complete control of the activity to be maintained. Invoicing and other business-related tasks benefit greatly from the use of this kind of tool. Since these management tools are typically prepared to be configured based on the processes and functions of the company, implementing them is generally not too expensive. Its use streamlines the various tasks related to invoicing, client portfolio management, stock control, and they enable enhancing the overall performance of the company. Accounting

The Critical Importance of Telemarketing for Business's Success

Telemarketing is still one of the fundamental communication services that businesses must provide, even though it is widely believed to be out of style. Getting customers and getting accurate information from users is crucial for growing databases and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns that are being created. You can make a first contact because you can strike up a conversation with a client. Naturally, maintaining that call requires qualified staff who are knowledgeable in how to respond in a way that ensures the satisfaction of the customer who has called your business, ensuring good customer service. With telemarketing, your business will be able to increase sales while also establishing a reputation for prompt, efficient customer service that produces solutions to users' problems. Therefore, some of this service's main benefits will be revealed below in case you have any questions about it. Telemarketing – what is it? Companies frequently use telemarketing a

Online Entertainment is Highly Favored by Consumers in the Asia-Pacific Region

In partnership with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), TikTok conducted a survey of consumers in Asia Pacific markets, including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, South Korea, and Japan, titled "Shoppertainment: APAC's Trillion-Dollar Opportunity." This survey offers information to brands about the impact of technology on consumer shopping behavior, or what is known as Shoppertainment, or the need for consumers to have an enjoyable experience when selecting products or making purchases. A sales and promotion strategy based on digital content that combines elements of entertainment and education is called shoppertainment. By using a "video-first, sound-on" format, this strategy offers brands an alluring way to transform their interactions with customers. This shoppertainment strategy has reportedly impacted brand growth by 63%, specifically in Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea, according to a TikTok and BCG survey. "Shoppertainment seamlessly combin

The Online Advertising Market is Expected to be Dominated by TikTok

By 2027, online video advertising is expected to generate more than $331 billion in revenue, 37% of which will go to TikTok, according to new research from Omdia. According to Senior Director Maria Rua Aguete of Omdia's Media and Entertainment training division, advertisers are turning away from META and YouTube in favor of TikTok in order to reach their sizable following. "TikTok has surpassed other social media sites in popularity among Americans as the best place to watch videos. In 2022, consumers spent more than 30 minutes on TikTok, according to our tracker for social media viewing time. "Our analysis revealed that TikTok surpassed Netflix last month. became the second-most used app in the US, with YouTube continuing to hold the top spot for users under 35", he added. TikTok quickly hit rock bottom and gained popularity among young consumers, a market that advertisers actively target. Through channels like traditional linear TV and other social networks

The Deals on Cozy Shoes, Muroexe offered on Black Friday

Black Friday 2022 will occur on November 25. This date is well-known around the world for the abundance of deals that are offered on many different products and brands. Through a unique Black Friday sneaker campaign, the Spanish company Muroexe has also chosen to use this opportunity to surprise its customers. Up to 60% off the entire selection of sneakers, boots, shoes, and other footwear will be made available during Black Friday in the company's online store. Anyone interested will be able to access a wide variety of high-quality parts at very affordable prices in this way. The distinctive values of Muroexe The Spanish company Muroexe makes shoes. It is a business that describes itself as the maker of technical, vegan, and minimalist products, with a focus on comfort and commitment to the customer. The appealing and contemporary design of each pair of shoes in the Muroexe catalog immediately catches the eye. Whether they are shoes, sneakers, boots, or slippers, you can t

Global Member Summit of the Unstereotype Alliance in 2022

The Unstereotype Alliance, established by UN Women, is a platform for thought and action that works with the global advertising sector to eliminate all harmful stereotypes from advertising and media content. The Global Member Summit is a standout event that brings together our membership of significant advertisers, creative agencies, and media platforms to hear from industry leaders on how they are addressing systemic stereotyping in a variety of sectors, including film, advertising, business, and government. Description: Hear motivational keynote addresses from United Nations representatives, experts and activists from the international advertising industry, as well as other distinguished guests. Hear from eminent panelists about how we want to "raise the bar" even higher for Unstereotype Alliance members and the advertising business, generating more positive social impact. Discover how Unstereotype Alliance can gauge that impact as a step toward the Sustainable

Rogers Sports & Media releases a self-serve advertising platform that it developed with DanAds

Today (November 16, 2022), Rogers Sports & Media (RSM) announced the opening of RSM Ad Manager, its self-serve advertising platform. Businesses of all sizes can easily access RSM's extensive portfolio of digital content and streaming platforms thanks to the platform's automation of the ad buy process and increased flexibility for advertisers. It was created by DanAds, the foremost supplier of self-serve advertising technology in the world. Rogers Sports and Media serves more than five billion digital impressions annually and reaches 32 million Canadians weekly across all platforms and channels. Rogers Sports & Media now offers advertising across all of its digital properties for as little as US$350 (£294) thanks to RSM Ad Manager. Peo Persson, executive vice president of sales at DanAds, said, "We are proud to partner with RSM to bring self-serve advertising to a new sector of the Canadian business community. "This technology unlocks a new community of a

Ad Agencies Now Have more Opportunity as a Result of Marketers' Complexity

After encountering numerous difficulties, advertising holding companies such as WPP, IPG, Omnicom, and Publicis have transformed to offer data and e-commerce services. Ad agencies have been able to assert their importance to marketers once again, according to industry analysts, thanks to the continued fragmentation of the mass media, new e-commerce demand, and the emergence of new platforms like TikTok. Even as inflation and economic disruption rocked other industries in 2022, major advertising companies continued to report strong quarterly earnings and raise their year-end forecasts. When compared to the situation facing advertising agencies five years ago, Facebook and Google have performed remarkably well: before agencies could even offer their services, Facebook and Google had developed direct relationships with marketers and were winning increasing shares of their advertising budgets. Traditional television viewing was declining as more people "cut the cord," whi

Khoros, Frequence, and Commerce Layer are a few of the 2022 Digiday Technology Award winners.

The winners of the 2022 Digiday Technology Awards showed how businesses are embracing new technology and making adjustments to meet the demands of the digital media sector. This year, the topics most frequently observed among the applicants and ultimately winners were e-commerce, sustainability, and influencer marketing. For instance, the judges selected Commerce Layer, which was awarded Best E-Commerce Technology for its API-first checkout solution. As a modular solution, Commerce Layer enables businesses to expand into new digital channels and markets without completely dismantling and re-building their current e-commerce infrastructures. In order to expand from five to 36 worldwide markets, Chilly's, a manufacturer of reusable drinking containers and accessories, re-platformed its online store with Commerce Layer. Chilly's has experienced a 41% decrease in checkout abandonment, a 24% increase in mobile conversions, and an 18% increase in overall conversions since switchi

Results of the Hong Kong Media Report 2022 are released

Discovering the media preferences of Hong Kong's marketers is one of the most important research projects that MARKETING-INTERACTIVE conducts each year. We want to know which media platforms, including digital, outdoor, TV, radio, and print, marketers are interested in for advertising solutions. In this study, we ask participants to identify the periodicals, TV shows, websites, or outdoor advertising (OOH) groups they would use to target customers in a range of important markets, including luxury, small business, and finance. How did it's accomplish that? The Media Spend Benchmarking Survey's annual questions served as the basis for the media rankings. It surveyed its database of client advertisers and marketing services agency professionals using an online survey. When determining the rankings, MARKETING-INTERACTIVE took into account every response provided by the respondents. Good respondents and recipients In all, 418 people responded to the Hong Kong Media Sur

Qatar Completes the First Phase of the Expansion of Hamad Airport

The Qatari government will begin construction on Phase B of the HIA enlargement as soon as Phase A is complete. The first stage of Hamad International Airport's expansion project, which will see the opening of a second airport hotel and the indoor tropical garden known as "Orchard," has been completed. The Qatari government will begin construction on Phase B of the HIA expansion early next year, which when finished will increase the airport's capacity to well over 70 million passengers. Phase A of the HIA development is currently complete and operational. "Our growth plan will see us welcome over 58 million passengers annually — delivering global travelers the greatest services the industry has to offer," Chief Operating Officer Engineer Badr Mohammed Al Meer said in reference to the expansion work. The ultimate destination for passengers has been created, he claimed, with the growth of our facilities and services. The Orchard, an indoor tropical g

Asda's Sales Growth is Back as it Emphasizes "Great Value."

For the first time this year, Asda has experienced an increase in sales as its emphasis on value drew 400,000 additional customers from other supermarkets. The grocery behemoth reported that like-for-like sales increased 4.7% for the three months ending in September (Q3 2022), its greatest quarterly performance since Q1 2021, with total revenues (excluding fuel) of £5.2 bn. The improvement comes as Asda intensifies its commitment to helping families through the current cost-of-living challenge. Asda credited the resumption of growth to the expansion of its cost-effective Just Essentials value offer over the course of the quarter, bringing the total number of products available to 270. The third-largest supermarket in the UK indicated that new consumers who have switched from "more expensive supermarkets" account for almost 70% of the spending on the assortment. With a "Dropped and Locked" price freeze across 250 staple products until the end of 2022, price

TikTok Berated Employees for Declining Sales while Spending Lavishly on Salaries and Parties, According to a Study

In reaction to declining sales, TikTok has reduced its global ad income target by about $2 billion, sources said the Financial Times in a piece published on Wednesday. While TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew put the blame for poor performance on the company's employees, sources informed the Financial Times that the company is also to blame for blowing money on exorbitant salaries and expensive parties. In a virtual all-hands meeting in late September, Chew criticized employees for a lack of sales in advertising and e-commerce, which account for the majority of the social platform's income. This led to the revision of the prediction, according to four sources who spoke to the Financial Times. The CEO of TikTok reportedly cited insufficient ad and e-commerce sales made by staff as the reason for the app's decline. However, sources at TikTok told the FT that part of the reason for the company's lower ad revenue is due to spending. According to TikTok staff, the company was

Understanding the Fediverse, Mastodon, and the Benefits of Switching from Twitter

Anyone who has ever used a phone, drove on a road, mailed a letter, sent an email, or browsed the internet should realize how brilliant the Fediverse is; decentralized, federated systems are more robust, equitable, and long-lasting than centralized dictatorships. That is exactly what the Fediverse is, except instead of being a collection of decentralized tiny social networks hosted on various servers throughout the internet, the Fediverse is just like that. You know, kind of like the real internet, where there are numerous decentralized computers linked to one another. Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and other centralized platforms, like dictatorships where the boss controls all the resources, makes all the decisions, and reaps the rewards of your actions, are examples. Wouldn't you like a social networking system that was more equitable? For a more thorough explanation of the Fediverse's operation, continue reading. Mastodon: What is it? Mastodon appears to be poorly unde

The Head of Technology is Paying Millions to Stop Elon Musk

Tesla's "Full Self Driving" software, according to Dan O'Dowd, shouldn't be used on public roads. Until someone pays attention, he will continue to run over test subjects. Dan O'Dowd purchased two nearly identical Tesla Roadsters, the first model the electric automobile manufacturer had made, during his midlife crisis. A Model 3 with Full Self-Driving Beta, a piece of software that enables the car to drive independently on freeways and congested city streets, was added to the 66-year-old tech entrepreneur's collection this year. The third Tesla is essential for O'Dowd's strange hobby: he is spending millions of dollars to stop Tesla CEO Elon Musk from implementing plans to make the technology widely accessible by the end of the year. O'Dowd, who made his wealth selling software to the military, has been testing and documenting the self-driving software using the Model 3. He appears to have recorded instances of the car driving across the

Social Networking is Now a Place Where People go to Shop for The Holidays

The change is only one of many ways customers have changed their purchasing behaviors in response to inflation that has reached historic highs and rising interest rates. A camping chair love seat for the couple that appreciates the outdoors; a refillable candle for your environmentally concerned relative; a cocktail infusion kit for the pal who enjoys mixology are just a few of the ideal gifts kept in Savannah Baron's extensive list. She cannot use it. It is intended for her 189,000 TikTok fans. The 27-year-old Baron finds some satisfaction in "finding those little items and modest brands" that are prone to being disregarded. However, her TikTok videos of handpicked gift suggestions appeal to a crucial and youthful audience: those who conduct all of their holiday shopping on social media, from finding ideas to making purchases. According to research conducted by the consulting firm Deloitte, millennials (1981 to 1996) and Gen Z (born from 1997 to 2012) will each s